Thursday, January 26, 2012

Heuristic Evaluation

The following is the summary of the heuristic evaluation of our application. Both positive and negative aspects of are application were considered in the evaluation:

Visibility of system status:
  • No visible feedback when selecting "Start" & "Exit" Button. These buttons need to remain highlighted for several seconds to be activated.
  • No sound feedback (not practical for our scenario)
Match between system and the real world:
Overall Good:
  • Camera feedback.
  • Marking the users' hands which are considered as the "action hands" by our application
  • Intuitive naming of buttons
User control and freedom:
  • The subtlety of the movements is limited by the resolution of the Kinect
  • The user must remain in the view range of the Kinect in order to interact
  • Playing hand is predefined
  • The first user (left user) controls the game settings
  • Exit button allows the users to quit the game at any given time.
Consistency and standards:
  • No difference in the appearance of a "Selection Button" and a "Hover button"
  • Each player is specified by a different but consistant color throughout the game.
Error prevention:
  • Introduction of the "Start Button" prevents the users from selecting an unwanted game mode.
Recognition rather than recall:
  • The simple design of our application, eliminates the need for recognition and recall.
Flexibility and efficiency of use:
  • Minimal, simple and well-known design leaves no room for distinguishing between novice and experienced users.
Aesthetic and minimalist design:
  • The information relevant to each view of the application is limited to that view and is compact.
Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors:
  • If the Kinect loses track of the user, the game is still continued
Help and documentation:
  • Not supported due to minimalist design

Task done by: All

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