Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Norman's Design Principles

In the following, we want to show how
Norman's design priniples affected our design process:

1. Visibility

Our design does not include any hidden menus, therefore granting a good degree of visibility. Furthermore, the action of pressing any button in our application will be made easily understandable by implementing a progress bar filling up while the user has to keep the selection.

2. Feedback

Our application includes various sounds to give an audible feedback to the user. In addition to that the game state is displayed as a score panel at the top of each player's screen.

3. Constraints

The users are restricted to move their pad only in their respective play area.
Another constraint is realized in the fact that a potential second player needs the agreement of the first player to join the game, so no one can interfere negatively with a player's game.

4. Mapping

Pong itself is perfectly mapped from the real world version of the game.
Also, mapping is given by the implementation of each player's UI elements in a single color for each player.

5. Consistency

Throughout the application we only use a single kind of button or interactivity, therefore consistency is given.

6. Affordance

As mentioned above, a progress bar for each button will be implemented to ensure a high degree of affordance. This is in accordance to EyeToy and similar environments, so experienced users have very easy access to our application and do not have to relearn the controls.

task done by: Benedikt

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