Thursday, February 2, 2012

Modification after Usertest

After the user tests we have had on Friday, our team were really engaged with fixing and changing stuff, that was criticized by the test subjects.

The following changes were made:

  • slower down game action and ball speed; user has more time to react
  • adding delete-button to the keyboard (in respect to the definition of usability phase "errors")
  • replacing red-dot on user's hand with user ID
  • new color scheme. more brightness 
  • position of scores during the game are set father from the borders
  • "misplaced text"- bugs are fixed
  • paddles are bigger now
  • change depth image to real background

We have set a real Background, so the users can see themselves playing the game and the control becomes more intuitive

Brighter color and better contrasts where set. Additionally, instead of the yellow progress circle on the right corner, we have put a progress bar directly into the action buttons .

The progress bar was also implemented for the keyboard. Additionally some animitions were added ( Pointing and Clicking Finger). Users can undo their inputs now, by clicking on "Delete" button

After applying users input by clicking on "Enter" , their name and play time where add to the score board

The new structure of our project

As mentioned we had rebuilt the whole structure of our project. The old "One-Class-Structure" was not designed for collaborative working. In a group which consist of 4 computer science students and 1 human factor student, its really hard to work on only one class. Besides this we only had 1 Kinect to test our application. To solve this problem we additionally add mouse control to our application. The following pictures show the packages as UML diagrams:

The package structure looks like:

   - pong.feature
     |     pong.feature.Key
     |     pong.feature.Keyboard
     |     pong.feature.ProgressCircle
     |     pong.feature.Score
     |     pong.feature.ScoreBoard
     |     pong.feature.Soni
   - pong.gui
     |   - pong.gui.button
     |     |     pong.gui.button.ActionButton
     |     |     pong.gui.button.SelectionButton
     |     |     pong.gui.button.Button
     |   - pong.gui.pages
     |     |     pong.gui.pages.GamePage
     |     |     pong.gui.pages.MenuPage
     |     |     pong.gui.pages.Page
     |     |     pong.gui.pages.ScorePage
     |     |     pong.gui.pages.StartPage
   - pong.logic
     |     pong.logic.ArtificialIntelligence  
     |     pong.logic.Ball
     |     pong.logic.MovementProvider
     |     pong.logic.Paddle

Package Feature:

Package Gui:

Package Logic

Whole Project