Monday, January 9, 2012

Summary of Observations and Feedback

Due to the results of the user test, most interactions of our pong prototype are intuitive. At the beginning of each test, the user had some problems in “simulating” the interaction with the display by the Kinect. But during the process, they got used to it.

When the test started, it wasn’t clear for one of the users, what the game was going to be like. S/he suggested having a demo of the game shown, so that passengers get an idea of what the game looks like.

As we came to the menu-screen, one user said that s/he would like to have a start button instead of activating the button by hovering over it for some time.

Although the gameplay itself is intuitive, one of the users stated that it was unclear when the game will end or how long s/he has to play the game in order to win. Therefore, s/he wanted to see how many points s/he has to score to win, or the remaining time of the game. Also during gameplay, one user wished to have a restart or exit button, so that new arrived users can quickly start a new game instead of waiting for the game to end.

In the highscore screen the users found it hard to use a keyboard without an “enter”-button. One of them had the intention of just typing one letter instead of three for her/his name.
After typing the letters, we had idea to switch back to the menu-screen automatically after approx. 3 to 5 seconds, so that a new game could start. Both users welcomed this idea. An idea was to put more fancy images into the record-screen.

Task done by: The Hieu, Leily

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