Monday, January 9, 2012

List of Changes and Modifications

As a result of our user-test, we have decided to apply the following changes to our 4 application screens of "Pong".

In addition to the silhouettes in the start screen, a small notice will be displayed which describes what our game is, and how to start a new game. In the background of the same screen, will show a demo of the game so that the passengers know how our game will look like in action.

The main menu screen will be modified in such a manner that the game mode is no longer be chosen by holding a hand over the corresponding button for a pre-defined time period. In order to start a game, the user must first select a button by holding her hand over the button. This will cause for the button to change its color from white to blue and in addition, a Start button will appear. Now if the user holds her hand over the start button for some time, than the game will start in the desired mode. This way of interaction, allows for the user to only require one hand for starting the game.

In the gaming screen, an exit button has replaced the game mode information. Using this button, the user can exit the game and return to the main menu screen at any time during a running game. Also, the current score of each player is displayed as "current score/maximum score". This informs the users how many points they have to score in order to win a game.

Now, there exists a high score board for all of the single player modes of the game. Depending on the mode, in which the game was played a score board containing the highest score for that specific mode is displayed. An "Enter" button is also added to the keyboard. This buttons appears as soon as the first letter has been typed. This allows the user to enter a character sequence with a maximum length of 3 and a minimum length of 1. After the user has entered her name, the ranking screen will be shown for a few seconds, after that the main menu will be shown. If no interaction with the screen is registered for some time, than the start screen will be displayed.

In general, the screen will be made fancier and more appealing than the original simple screens. As an effort in this direction, we have added stars to the high score board.

Task done by: Bianca, Hoang

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