Monday, January 9, 2012

Interview findings

We interviewed a total number of 3 people who matched our target user group. To protect their privacy, they names have been changed.
  • Hanna, is 27 years old, studies Economy
  • Andrew is 23 years old, studies Computer Science
  • Kevin is 25 years old, Salesman
These users all frequently use the public transport system (at least twice everyday). They spent an average of 1 hour waiting for their train, bus or tram to arrive each day. During this period they read books and listen to music.

All the users were familiar with motion interaction using the Kinect or EyeToy. They also expressed their interest in interacting with large public displays using these types of input devices. Most of the users preferred using only one hand for interaction due the possibility that they are holding something with the other hand.

The users all showed interest for playing Pong during their waiting time. They reasoned that since this game is playable by all ages, it is appropriate for a public display. A very interesting finding was that the users welcomed the multiplayer mode of the game more than the single player mode. They also insisted that in order for them to play the game often, the game should be challenging enough, so that the difficulty rises as the skills of the player increases, but at the same time the duration of a round of the game shouldn't take longer than 2-3 minutes. They also welcomed the idea of having a scoreboard so that the users could enter their names when they reached a high score. Also, the users didn't like the game to have a level-wise approach, i.e. only after completing one level, the user may advance to the next level.

However, one of user's said that he would feel ashamed of playing this game in public, if it requires doing wild moves. The users also stated that the location of the displays is very important for them. If interacting with the display causes them to accidently collide with other passengers, or if it hinders other passenger in anyway, they would rather not interact with the display at all.

Task done by: Leily, The Hieu

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