Monday, January 9, 2012

Design principles and modifications

Design Principles

  1. Our game can be played in in singleplayer (with different difficulty levels) as well as in multiplayer.
  2. Our game includes a highscore-board.
  3. A single game is short, as the users are waiting for public transport and therefore have very short idle time.

Design Modifications

As a result of the interview process we have decided to implement the following changes:

  • The application will be designed for one-handed use as opposed to the initial design in which the user could use both hands to interact with the game and the GUI elements.
  • The user can no longer change the frame-rate and game-speed settings. The according interface elements will be removed.
  • highscore-board will be implemented to give the users a stronger sense of competition. This will affect singleplayer only.
  • The start-screen will now contain silhouettes to suggest interactivity to a potential user.

Additionally, arrows will indicate the important areas of interest.

Task done by: Benedikt

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