Monday, December 12, 2011

Two of 4 ... Fortune Cookie

This application is to be used in public display, with it's primary target group being waiting passengers at bus or train stations.

The concept of "Fortune Cookie" is generally known. The chinese fortune cookie is a bakery product that contains piece of paper inside it. On this piece of paper, there is a short messages, which is mostly words of wisdom. These words are suppose to guide the cookie's eater through life, or to show him what his or her fortune will be.

Since buses and trains come every 7 minutes in average, the interaction with this application should not take longer than 3 minutes. To gain people's interest there will be an animation or blinking advices of how to use this application. The user must stand directly in front of the public display (subtle interaction). In order to open a virtual fortune cookie, the passenger has the option to choose from a set of given tools to crack the cookie open. In the end the user will receive some words of wisdom.

With this design we not only want to give entertainment to the people, but some wisdom for life. The application is addresses to all who are able to read.

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