Monday, December 12, 2011

One of 4... StyleUp

This is the first application that i'll present you from our brainstorming session.

StyleUp! It's an application to virtually dress up a person in front of the Kinect and showing it on a large display, with the possibility to save the modeled image on a mobile phone via bluetooth.

StyleUp is an application that uses the Microsoft Kinect as mediator for changing the user's clothing using several images and skins. Passing pedestrians and passengers waiting in a bus station can view themselves on the screen and then change their appearance virtually by choosing several outfits or masks provided by our application. These outfits will put on top of user's image and be displayed. Additionally, some fancy patterns, such as frames or a short text can be added to the image.

The application requires one person who will stand front of the Kinect for subtle interaction. In order to attract pedestrians, blinking arrows will be displayed over the outline detected persons. When a pedestrian stands in front of the Kinect, s/he will be detected as our applications primary user. On each side of the screen there will be a vertical bar containing outfits, masks, text-writing-functionality, etc. as icons. In order to use these, the user needs to place his or her hand on the icon for a short period of time.

But this styling functionality will be “useless” for the users and the application will lose its attraction very fast if there aren't any options for saving user's modified image. Therefore the application will provide the functionality to take a picture of the user and to send it to a mobile phone via bluetooth. Among others, the benefit of using bluetooth is it’s fast and standardized communication method. Also, for most people it is secure enough for a public usage.

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