Thursday, January 26, 2012

Application Modifications

In order to solve the problems detected during the heuristic evaluation, we have applied the following changes to our application:

  • We added a new page to our application called the Start Page, where a demo of the game is shown in the background. A text, two blinking arrows and two silhouettes are also displayed to act a guide to the user of how to start the game.
  • For indicating the highlighting duration which a Action Button needs, we have added a progress circle to the top right corner of each page, which fills itself fully up in the highlighting duration.
  • When a game is over, a continue button appears, which the user has to activate in order to continue.
  • We have introduced a new page to the game, called the "Score Board", which shows a table with the names of the users that have completed the came in the shortest time. This page challenges the users so that they compete for the top rankings. This feature add to the game-challenge
  • In a revolutionary act (;D), we have reconstructed the whole project. While the old structure consisted of only one class, which made parallel programming impossible, the new structure consists of many packages and classes. This structure allows us to work on different parts of the application simultaneously. Also, we were able to test application by easily replacing the Kinect inputs, with mouse inputs, which to some extent solved the problem of having only one Kinect and 4 developers.
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