Monday, December 12, 2011

Four of 4 ... Snow Snatcher

Snow Snatcher is a mini game that can be played by users of all ages and is especially designed to be played in the winter time.

Since this game is designed to be played on public displays, it should be able to:
  • attract the attention of pedestrians, who are unaware of the existence of such a game
  • a level of this game should not take a long time
  • it should also be fun so that users are motivated to play this game more than once
  • it should not contain any content that is not suitable for children

This game can be played in single player mode. when a level starts and a user is calibrated, a pair of gloves will be drawn on the user's hands. these gloves move as the user moves his/her hands. There will be snow flakes raining on the screen and the user will have to try to hit as many snow flakes as possible with his/gloved hands. When a user hits a snow flake, it disappears. Each level is time based. When a level has passed, a snowman will appear on the screen. Depending on the number of the gathered snow flakes, the snowman will look different. Low number of flakes will result is a small and sad snowman, where as lot of snow flakes will results in a huge and happy snowman.

Subtle interaction of the user with the display is required so that the user can be detected by the Kinect and that the game can be played. For drawing the attention of passing people, demos of the game or images of the different snowmen can be displayed, while an arrow appears on each pedestrians head, and a speech-balloon will be displayed which reads "build your own snowman".

For making the game even more attractive, a scoring system can be added to the game, so that the users will play with the goal of getting the highest score. Users who make it to the high score board, can have their pictures taken and displayed.

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